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2017 Welcome:

Happy 2017! How is it going for you so far?

My year is off to a good start as we head into this second month, and what I’ve found really motivating is hearing from people and seeing how I can help further their goals. Completing goals is a goal of mine in 2017.

Like most of us, I started the year with the best of intentions and can see myself needing to be held accountable as the calendar turns to February. I would love to help you reach your goals this year- because being there for you is my resolution.

Setting achievable targets, remaining positive, and being held accountable are three strategies that will help you make your 2017 resolutions realities. Whether it’s updating your LinkedIn profile, starting your own business, or finally getting out of a job that is no longer serving your ambition, we can work together to make it happen.

Contact me for a complimentary 15-minute career coaching consultation and get started on making this year the best one yet- for both of us. Let me know when works for you.

Excited for the Future,


Winter Newsletter: New year, new you, new career? Everyone should be making a career new year’s resolution and there’s never been a better time to retouch and refine your personal brand. Read on for my latest updates on boosting your personal brand in 2016.

Fall Newsletter: Different generations in the same workplace – what are we to do? With millennial and baby boomers working together, this is creating new challenges for managers and employers to navigate. Read on for my favorite resources for handling different aged colleagues in the workplace.

Summer Newsletter: Summer is actually the perfect time for…guess what? Networking! Yes, reconnecting with your extended network can help enhance your visibility within your field, give you access to new clients or boost your job searching prospects. Read on for more tips on how to make this the most productive summer ever.

Winter Newsletter: Storytelling is an unbelievably important skill for making a great impression – on potential clients, job interviewers and managers. With a bit of reflection and practice, anyone can use stories to enhance their personal brand and create a lasting impression. Read on for recent articles and some of my favorite books about the power of telling stories.

Fall Newsletter: More young people are entering the workforce – only to feel intense disappointment a few years down the road. How we can help prevent young alumni from falling into a quarter-life crisis? Read on for some resources on the Quarter Life Crisis, check out some useful tips on tackling it and hear about recommended reads on the subject.

Winter Newsletter: Personal branding is one of my passions and something everyone – no matter their career path, needs to spend time building. In this fast-paced, multi-media world in which we live, it is more important than ever to create and nurture your personal brand. Read on to learn from the experts on how developing a strong personal brand can help you build your career.

Spring Newsletter:

Summer is around the corner, and summer internships are top of mind for college students and employers alike. How important is it for students to obtain quality summer internships? Very! Read on for my tips on summer internships and how to make yours lead to full time employment.

Summer newsletter: Currently, women are starting businesses on average 2-3 x faster than their male counterparts. It’s safe to say that female entrepreneurship is on the rise! Have you ever given a thought to starting your own business? Read on for current trends in female entrepreneurship, the journey of a leading woman in business and discovering why more women should considering starting on an entrepreneurial path.

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